The requirement of energy increases in your toddler’s body as he grows with time. Feeding them healthy food is essential as it contributes to the growth and development of your child’s body and immune system. Kids usually deny eating vegetables and fruits, but it becomes your responsibility as a parent to feed them fruits and vegetables in a proper proportion to ensure a balanced diet. In this article, two easy to make healthy and tasty baby food recipe will help you feed nutrition to your baby. For more ideas, you can check out baby journey blog.


The recipes are:

  • Barley Porridge with Fruits:


Barley Powder

Apple (1 small)

Banana (1 small)

Milk (half cup)

Water (1 cup)


Peel the apple and banana. Remove the apple seeds. Add a little amount of water in the blender and add the fruits to make a puree. 

Take a pan and add two tablespoons of barley powder and 1 cup water into it. Mix it well and see to it that no lumps are formed.  Cook it in low flame for 10 minutes. When the barley looks perfectly cooked, add the apple and banana puree in it. 

Mix it well and cook for more 2 to 3 minutes. When the porridge turns thick, turn your gas off and keep it for cooling. Once it gets cooled, add a half cup of milk to it and stir it.

Your porridge is ready to eat. 

Health Benefits:

Barley is a great cereal for babies. It helps in digestion and bowel movements. Apples are a rich source of vitamin C and contain dietary fibers. Banana helps in improving immunity and supports bone development.

  • Apple and Wheat Halwa


Apple (1 medium-sized)

Wheat flour (quarter cup)

Dates (3-4 nos)

Pure Ghee (1 teaspoon)

Sugar or Jaggery (1 tablespoon)

Water (3/4th cup)


Peel the apple. Soak the dates in warm water for 5 minutes. Chop the apple into cubes.

In a blender, add the soaked dates and apple cubes and blend them into a puree. Do not add water.

Take a pan and add two tablespoons of wheat flour and add Ghee into it. Stir and roast it in low flame till 5 minutes. Do not over roast or burn the mixture.

Now add 3/4th cup of water into the pan. Stir the mixture well and make sure no lumps are formed. Cook until the wheat turns shiny. Once the mixture is cooked, add the apple and date puree. Also, add one tablespoon of sugar or jaggery powder.

Keep stirring it. Cook It for more 3 to 4 minutes until the halwa turns thick once the halwa turns the thick switch off the flame of your gas.

Your healthy Apple and Wheat Halwa are ready to eat.

Health Benefits:

Wheat is a rich source of vitamin B and has essential minerals for the growth of your baby. Dates are rich in minerals and fibers. It helps in the overall development and strengthens bones and teeth.

These are the two easy and instant baby food recipe that will provide your child nutrition and growth and development. Try these two recipes and have a happy experience. 




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